Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things to do in Ypsilanti

coffee falls into place
as temperature, love, and bleeding dishes
press loud and sad on digital rims


"outer name's experience", I wrote,
becoming numb with my willingness to participate.


I leave the nipple in it's place, but cry. Now, understanding


everything real, but moreso later

I wanted to write "the poem ended several lines ago, this is no longer part of the poem, instead it is just words", but thought "no, that's too Silliman".

I wanted too write "writing poetry for me is like pissing with a hard-on", but thought "no, that's juvenile".

other lines were too Vallejo, or too Eshleman.

If a line is too Ted Berrigan, I put it in especially.

don't want to be too Ashbery, would love to be too Nada Gordon

Tried very hard to be too Blau-DuPlessis, but later thought it was too much.


thought to write "this is all very stupid", but then thought "why did you think that in a british accent?"

I begin to put parts of Britain in my mouth. I hammer at a molar with a Texas colloquialism. Now (this is part of the training), I try to speak perfect Ypsilanti, still with Britain in there, and a dangling molar.

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