Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Manifestos are kind of stupid

my poetics are those of driving home from Gretchen's at 1:46 AM, stopping at Dom's Bakery, but not really wanting a donut.
my poetics are those of making a left turn, thinking a car is about to crash into me, but not having this happen.
my poetics are those of falling asleep with Wes playing Paper Mario, Sarah asleep with her head in his lap.
my poetics are those of going to Fire Academy, getting a Paramedic license, and not becoming either.
my poetics are those of "dip my scars into language, comb them for clues"
my poetics are those of staring at people
my poetics are those of finding geometric relationships between tiles on the bathroom floor.
my poetics are those of being thirsty.
my poetics are those of walking around, thinking, speaking, noticing, and interacting.
my poetics are those of trying.
my poetics are those of rashes

no difference between "found" poetry and "composed" poetry.
not possible to isolate the conscious or the subconscious.
no difference between pattern and chaos.
"right" and "wrong"; "good" and "bad"; "correct" and "incorrect", are superstitious terms; all language is "true".
All language is hiding something.
I am hiding something.
"I" is hiding something.
"we" is hiding something.
all language is displacement.
denotata exist only as social agreements. If someone doesn't agree with your denotation of a word, that's your problem, not theirs.
Everything is action, even inaction.

Everything is relative, but some things happen, and some things don't happen. This is at least partially your fault.

Subconsciousness hides consciousness; Consciousness hides subconsciousness. Writing hides thinking; Thinking hides writing. Action hides writing; Writing hides action. Reading one way always hides reading another way. But none of these in equal amount. Everything hides something, and everything is partially hidden by something else, but never fairly.
This does not mean these things are "acceptable"
Nothing is acceptable.

Negatives ("no"thing, "ab"sense, "a"political etc) can only be referred to by extended metaphor. Negation is a positive action.

"True" is a reification. When you ask if something is "true", all you are asking is whether or not something conforms to the view of the universe you are most comfortable with. The fact that most people agree on some of the basic conotata of the word (ie. what it means for an event to "happen" or "not happen") only further confuses the implications. This does not mean that there is or isn't an objective reality.

One hardly needs to be told to be skeptical of "Marxist" interpretations, "Feminist" interpretations, or "New Critical" interpretations. The thing to be most skeptical of is anyone trying to say that it is possible to "just read".

upper limit Clayton Eshleman, lower limit Andy Kaufman
upper limit pirating music, lower limit appropriating speech.
upper limit Flarf, lower limit voting for Obama
upper limit standing, lower limit standing somewhere else
upper limit email, lower limit surfing the web
upper limit violating copyright law and meaning it, lower limit composing an original lie.
upper limit compassion, lower limit not wanting to stand for anything
upper limit eating, lower limit shitting
upper limit flailing, lower limit stuttering
upper limit Jackie Chan, lower limit Zukofsky
upper limit Gertrude Stein, lower limit Parkour
upper limit drinking, lower limit sleeping
upper limit cheap wine, lower limit expensive beer
upper limit seeing, lower limit hallucinating
upper limit noise music, lower limit panicked shouting
upper limit comedy, lower limit tragedy
upper limit needing distinctions, lower limit hating distinctions
upper limit Susan Howe, lower limit Lil Wayne

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