Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Climate Change

beauty's coat lays down its integer,
smooth antiquated flow or hard stared-at birth

weird slink on shivering participle,
lanky participant in grooves,
total ask,
a lot
a desire for anchors, slipped
in arduous spools of award winning hair,
clay parts only
entered tier
shifted up on hip to brain ratio

pink shouldered flight of hard trained homes
a healing shank driven into hemorrhaging tonality,
tailored to stymie risk's value

I watch them kiss me on my barbarian oats
ferocious elation of curves
and panicked bulges
This is my most-bearded moment,

Stone claim running over a watery bed
"put off" by this sharp cure of our one tuesday
a mood between two breasts,
and between wrist and cock: a time for thinking
between wishing and running: a time for thinking

side-alarm of plenty strides alive for waning
Color of Spurning! Give me one award,
collide, collide with ardent loaves of sun on faces
teeth, burning with hoaxes, soaped-up with harm's spectral species.
across the fleshy spine of beds, I unleash my span of click

I begin my sculpture by listening closely the top of my head off.

The love has healed, but we only come home to the beginning.

Internet steps out of soft carnality, steps up to the plate, and swabs my glee,
begins taking surveys of my horns, but loudly.
ONE, she says
TWO, building to a curdle.
at THREE, a slim rupture guesses me, and I talk back at it,
sharpening my very first corpse, growling
at my pertinent living space.
I give my arm to wide persona,
towel off, and stay sane.

conical warmth shoulders its way through the crowd.

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