Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Response artifact from watching Sicko

take off my shirt and burn off a colloquialism
teenager label understands the fat black insurance
immediate benefit
experimental test
each white lotus line magnetizing requests
standard neural denial
imperial block magic, brick serif
tandem clarification, arrest of savings
get it back get it back

chronic bracket, a sweet internal history
of kind colds, helicopter rashes, and labyrinthine limping,

and too bad too
lose a few
and see what fun's to be done

a cold melt of raptured weeks
jdfjing list ninging
he was my best friend
dirty langaaguge

THins in a private enterprise one
all the incentibe are towayds less medical acear

the purpase of the

this sort of thing is what cripples


too much kmonay manarchy monarchy

do you really want the government to contol your family?

socialized metasign

fair and equal don't you know

until one day we will awake to find we have socialism

muh knee

that's understandable

rata tat tat

rx wrcke wrecks

two billion typos

((((((((((((no body))))))))))))

too young for cervical cancer

stress free

(((((((((((no body))))))))))))


not necessary, barter for blatant
feelings. A threat.


a daze of seem,

guilt for being here almost,

snatch at batter fat chance
a bring, peeps at, milks the...
an out-of-town afraid-braid
so many crash and blood
tolerant families, why shy
away from any mark, hard
to to it.

personal collections of Kenya,
Dominican Republic, and others.



not a new thjing


didn't know where whse sher
didn'gt know where she was

belted out deletedeletedetele

ddddrop off pping
drong off pint
drop off point

take care of yourself


who are we?

initial heroism


limpin' ain't easy

what about terrorism
a crunchy treat
designed to remind
-brand-/ potato chips



me: just bought ongbak2
Ian: nice!
dvd or vidisc
me: dvd
Ian: sweet
lemme know when it arrives
me: reports say it might not actually have subs even though it said it did
Ian: but whatever
me: yeah
i don't own any tony jaa movies with subs
it almost ruins it
Ian: subs''ll probably be atrocious anyway
me: which can be a good and bad thing

Sent at 12:30 PM on Wednesday

Ian: true
working or mugging?

Sent at 12:32 PM on Wednesday

me: worik
just watcht sicko
Ian: any good?
me: uh, yes
it's still a michael moore movie
Ian: his hammy fists beating at your irritation nerves
me: so he fudges certain things to make them seem one way, not lies perse, but it's frustrating, cause he really doesn't need to do that and it just discredits otherwise good work
how longs is it?
me: he got 911 rescue workers free healthcare in cuba
2 hours
Ian: wait, what about 911 workers
me: he took them to cuba and cuba hooked 'em up with free meds and all sorts of procedures
because our gov wouldn't help volunteers
Ian: ouch
me: so off duty emts that helped and got sick weren't covered
Ian: that's pretty cool -- maybe not an argument, but still pretty cool
me: right,
it's a michael moore flick, so it makes more emotions points than intellectual ones
"emotional points"
Ian: sure
I should probably watch it at some point.
me: it's free online
Ian: soihear
me: streams fast, low res
Ian: I just have trouble thinking: this is the next hour and a half of my life.
while I'm online
me: yeah, i watched it periodically over my last two shifts

Sent at 12:41 PM on Wednesday

Ian: smart
me: that's me for you
Ian: no thanks
my problem is, the gorilla never seems to be acting natural.
It's like he's all "I'm an asshole," but I can't believe it.
Just seems like a nice guy I guess.
me: wat
Ian: Oh, sorry, got convos mixed up
forget I wrote that
me: nice
Ian: just kidding.
me: i figured
Ian: just bein' weird
me: it was so "i got convos mixt up"-suspicious
Ian: yup
I would never earnestly write "convos"
me: is that important to you
Ian: yup
me: i accept your statement then
Ian: I'd write it ironically, as above
me: or with "quotes"
Ian: like a sucker
me: yeah,
quotes are nature's cop-outs
Ian: quotes are "nature's cop"-outs
me: i'm trying to figure out what's going on with that
Ian: nothing particularly useful
me: i'm thinking:
Ian: just playing around with em
me: cops in the forest (forest=nature) trying to find a way out
the cop is made of trees
Ian: that the natural (speech world) is policed by quotations; speech without ramifications = coercive control over linguistic expression
oh yes, copse. I like that too

Sent at 12:48 PM on Wednesday

me: natural is speech-world?
Ian: yep. I went there
me: you sure didi
Ian: t
me: that buddy
i mean thanks buddy
Ian: which buddy
thuddy. heh.
me: you with the ali oop
Ian: got it
me: how the fuck do you spell ali oop
Ian: ally-oop?
though that's more like allies in arms,
not really allie-oop ish
me: alley oop
Ian: maybe there are different kinds of ali oops for different occasions.
me: derived from the french allez-oop
Ian: I've your bud helps you out it's an ally-oop
if you are in the middle east it's an ali oop
if you are in, um, an alley, it's an alley oop
and so on
me: i accept
"the cry of a circus acrobat about to leap"
Ian: aieee! oop
or were you thinking of something else?
me: also that
no, that straightup where the term comes from

Sent at 12:55 PM on Wednesday

me: "In the 2008 film Semi-Pro, protagonist Jackie Moon invents the alley-oop after being knocked unconscious and speaking with his deceased mother in a depiction of Heaven. The crowd and announcers are left nearly speechless, unable to comprehend what happened, and the referee thinks that the maneuver is two fouls."
Ian: that sounds good.
except it
w/ will ferrel
me: i like that it says "depiction of Heaven"
Ian: In case anyone was worried
me: like, there's an in-movie assumption that it's not real?
yeah, don't worry people, not really heaven
Ian: it's cool guys
we didn't actually film heaven
you won't go to hell for watching it
me: that is good,
i haven't seen the movie
but now i at least know i can
Ian: see it?
me: yeah
Ian: I heard it was completely "ok".
me: oh, of course
it'd too "post-anchorman"
like, just trying to do that same style over and over
Ian: sure
me: i mean, it's cool for a while but movie on
Ian: he did like 5 sports movies. It's like geeeeez
me: inininininininininnin

Sent at 1:02 PM on Wednesday

me: oh, i might be using this convo in a poem, and posting it to pathologos
Ian: why is that?
me: your words: APPROPRIATED
oh, uh
it's because i was writing a poem capturing the "response artifact" of watching sicko
whatever the fuck that means
Ian: ass
me: why?
Ian: oh, just the way you're always like "response artifact" and then follow it up like you don't mean it.
me: "lol"
It'll be on the internet so it's not "serious"
its just ephemera
Ian: you're just a goof with a pretentious streak then?
me: hmmm
i don't think i'm pretentious
Ian: I'm joking
in a sense
me: so you're "joking"
Ian: so
single quotes
me: nice
Ian: different shade of meaning
me: we need more ways to differentiate the planes on which various forms of meaning happens
I mean "lol"
Ian: thanks
finally talking in a "language' I can understand
me: i first thought it was double quotes on both sides, then though of doing double quote then single, then I saw that that was in fact what you'd done
that was the play-by-play of my reaction
Ian: I like it when brain processes are trackable
me: perhaps I had the idea only because part of my brain noticed what it really was
Ian: What a novel idea! I should consider mixing it up with... oh, yes.

Sent at 2:12 PM on Wednesday

me: i talked to gretchen on the phone about the movie, but didn't record it
so i could try to write it down, but it would just be the capture artifact of the response
Ian: yes
which is cheetin'

Sent at 2:20 PM on Wednesday

me: well, cheating, sort of, mostly just not what the poem's about

Sent at 2:28 PM on Wednesday

Ian: exactly?

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Ben said...

Using your duplicator again? Scary. I like your blog. I apologize for finding it - Gretchen said you had one and I found it by searching for "noise band" "common cup" and then "miss america the movie". It would have been interesting to try to find you without that name - I would have had to try various combinations of words to try and pinpoint you. Do things like identify words and phrases that are ideosyncratic to you. What key words does your life have, huh?