Wednesday, July 1, 2009

From Possemego

If you're coming here from Dale's blog looking for me talking about SloPo,

-you can find my response to Prevallet's piece here.

-And a reaction to Karl Young's piece and Joe Safdie's piece here.

-A response to someone accusing my of "not getting" SloPo and "looking silly".

-Some preliminary thoughts on SloPo and reflections on the discourse that's taken place over it.

And don't be as impatient as Dale just because I haven't got to the poems yet. These things take time.

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D said...

In a way I hate to contribute to this pissing contest (I've just kind of trolled this discussion because of passing familiarity with some of the pissers) but I would like to note that the criticism you've linked in this entry is extremely well-written. It's better than any of the pieces you've explored. I could go on, but now I don't have to pee any more.