Saturday, June 20, 2009

words I noticed while scrolling through the Slow Poetry feature at Big Bridge

(feature can be found here)

Gallery 1:

Practicing retinal Clark
Perhaps removal
can't stop producing pencils poetry mourning
a few days fireworks
citizens gradual
edgy mid-life clay-mation formal
pushy still a forces of printmaker
correlated first lollipop, my first Wonder Woman
I saw beneath your stand-by-me rain fucking
flash red split open water
new eruptions watch social criticism
nobody's coffee everybody needs
prance weekend doubting
evident saints said

Gallery 2:

immediate strength reason damned
Sunshine hustling spasm
girly buck open mechanized
adjustable cameraman bodies
shenanigans traffic
nice subterfuge piled waist bound
talk hate president's Christmas
drive skimming fucking cuts
rescue earth century bread
paranoid same dampness
represents rationality Slow human
whatever independent unprepared Michigan
sunburnt royal supercollider

Gallery 3:

encouraged technology seems
clock rather imaginative cornerstone
evidence assuming doubt technologies
innovation dogged bloodthirsty measure
hermetically sealed boyfriends should be human
best copies distribution competition
thresholds husk shine say good
I've continued slowed simple
others head upon night
crop gift horizon irregularities
civilization maximum moonlight
function moment mercy
teaching cold hands in life on DVD
butterflies number town couldn't

Gallery 4:

slowed practice compost activism
matters flamboyant
library context sometimes sleeping
barely gunshot joke
physical seriousness
also write characteristics
Howard social meanwhile displays
paintings raw echoing
uncontrollably seemingly unmistakable
elusive Language life
everyone thinks ogres are letters
country likeness dead notable
they say vacancy because
particular film driving crackle
chemicals adolescent coming

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