Wednesday, June 24, 2009

many things

--Sadly, Shaman Drum (an independent bookstore a city away from me) is going out of business. I had heard that they were going to go non-profit, but unfortunately it looks like they're shutting down for good. Got some books from there today though: Suites by Lorca, translated by Jerome Rothenberg, and The Romance of Happy Workers by Anne Boyer.

--Read a good bit of The Romance of Happy Workers. Anne Boyer is a poet who I always find perplexingly energizing. I say that because I don't know that I've spent enough time with her work to talk confidently on why I like it so much. Particularly liking the poem Ode O... : "Who sings of viewless wings opened?/ Who manhandles the daytime with sloppy/ Quills?"

(I really have to learn how to do proper indentation in Blogger)

--Listened to 6 Feet Deep by the Gravediggaz. I've been going through Wu Tang Clan's (and affiliates') discography. There's just a daunting amount to listen to, I was trying to go through it quickly, but Raekwon, O.D.B., and Method Man's first albums were all running together in my mind. Slowing it down a bit has helped, though RZA's production is pretty distinct on 6 Feet Deep anyway.

--Made it through Gallery 1 of the Slopo feature. Kristin Prevallet's piece was particularly frustrating. I'll talk on that more tomorrow or something. As far as the poems go, it's hard to read them without immediately placing them in context of the arguments/statements made in Dale's introduction and Kristin Prevallet's piece. This may be at least slightly unfair, but it is what is. More in depth later.

--The poem Nada Gordon just posted is a necessary read.

--More great stuff from Theresa.

--also worked nine hours today in case you think I just read all day.

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