Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Watching A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box

"Everybody, the tongue comes out"

'Fred uh-stare?'


'Equally embarrassing as just "A"'

"oh, yes, with every drink I grow stronger"

laughter and meat
afraid of nobody

'it's in Mandarin, switch to Cantonese'

They're to tell her if they discover a man with three birth-marks on his "sole" (of his feet).

Whistles blue
and so hard to understand
water-dreams and monkey eyes
a spider web caught on Stephen Chow's tooth. He smashes it out.

'also, you'll have to forgive the translation'

'He's asst. Master'

'he's just stupid'

His eyes have healed after they've stomped on his flaming crotch.


"you're forced to reveal your real image"

"you wanna eat his flesh"


"changing. Changing."

waterfall cave again
"it is normal to miss your home"


A "mesmerized" asst. Master has burned the real magic stickers, but they still think they're invisible.

He wants to poke her eyes out, but cannot bring himself to do it.


"I want to destroy all devils/
I can take off my underwear"


The bull king swallows her web, and produces a fan from his tongue.


"Because of love, you can ruin my face if you like"

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