Monday, April 20, 2009

how to write a poem


how we present:

HErada dm

OK, that's one way;
OK, that's one way,
OK, that's one way.

no, that's a none we
raid preens his whole, drops the cone in,
stems through/
steams through/
steeps through.

First I.../
Then I...

It not just wanna
this and this and this

"open your life"

"signs to look for"


make my way through words. want to show you the chew too,


backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace
"TEE" "EE" Backspace "Etch" "Oh" "You" "Gee" "Etch"
backspace backspace backspace backspace
"Etch" "Are" "Oh" "You" "Gee" "Etch"
[think about the possibility of tea"

Thumb Miss
the mistakes

want to:
-the curl of toe
-press of toe against the table leg
-hands dance to "Say" what body does
-Music: don't "know" "what" "it" is.
-left leg on right leg "in masculine fashion"

Riding home from the C-Cup:
while "I" is typed with the middle finger
"A" is typed with left pinkie [leftist pinko]

Was called "the man of letters" yesterday.
willing to buy it if only in the sense that I bumble around in them daily.
Think: "La Terse" and "Let her's"
Make: a note not to let anyone know that I thought this

I am always betraying my past selves, considering them almost enemies.

Just went back and read the part of this where I was trying to present my failed typing of the word "through". The failure to maintain any type of consistency of presentation of what keys I pressed is so pronounced, seems so exaggerated. I considered changing it just to make it more "believable".
-began with no quotes, all lower case for the first line
-in the second line I used quotes (for all the keys except "backspace" which is now capitalized for some reason; the first two keys are presented in all caps, but all the rest (of the in-quotes keys) just the first letter is capitalized.
-in the third line "backspace" is back to being in all minuscule.
-the fourth line is consistent.
-the fifth line presents the "ENTER" key in all caps but no quotes.
-The last line seems like a joke in how inconsistent it is. I begin it with (denoting an aside with) a left bracket but end with a double quote. "tea" is uncapitalized and now spelled with an "A" which I guess was intentional. It is also, however, absent of quotes unless of course the last quote was intended for the word and not for the aside, in which case I guess I just completely forgot about closing it with a bracket.

My Influences:
Things in my pockets:
Left Pocket
-two napkins from two different coffee shops each used to scrawl various
notes/calculations about finances.
-my sansa MP3 player (broken)
-my hand
-a receipt for a black belt
Right Pocket
-75 cents: three quarters
-keys: two keyrings, key to C-Cup, key to my building, key to my apartment, key to my unusable car, key to parents house, bottle opener, nail clippers.
Also my wearable "pocket"/satchel/fanny-pack/purse
-two notebooks
-the above's various expandable lists.
Things on the Table:
-laptop power cord
-another notebook
-water glass
-coffee mug
-The Blood of the Air, Philip Lamantia
-Blood and Guts in High School, Kathy Acker
-The Double Dream of Spring, John Ashbery
-the Maintains, Clark Coolidge
-Topher's hat

my poetry is thinking the words "I can put my flank in my mouth" and writing it down, not because it's "good" or even all that interesting in and of itself, but because I'm wondering why I thought it. I think I'll write it down so that I can remember it and think about why I thought it. Then later I read it and think "why did I write that down?", the memory of thinking it is gone, and I just remember that I wrote it down because I thought the words "I can put my flank in my mouth". Then later, maybe a reader thinks "why is he talking about this?"


small turnip said...

I like this one a lot. Good Stuff.

Anonymous said...

[b]to make poems

never write alone
never write poems
never moans about
these means to it

© 2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly