Friday, September 10, 2010

billy collins says something about poetry

so, Billy Collins has maybe 3 or 4 things he ever says regarding poetry, but somehow it's newsworthy every single time he says them. apparently two weeks ago, Billy Collins said (for the 14th time) that song lyrics can't be considered poetry. by the way kids, you can totally get away with saying indefensible things as long as their way too banal to ever have to defend.

though, i can't help myself from commenting this particular time, because the comments come after this interview that he gave last year. i just find it funny that the guy dismissing all song lyrics as poems readily admits to only having 37 songs on his ipod, and that he only listens to music to drown out the sounds of humanity. how was this guy ever thought of as whimsical?


Mr. Stevens said...

I had no idea - 37 songs? That makes me sad. Why does he even have an ipod? Song lyrics aren't poetry. He's never heard KRS1.

Iain said...

i'm not sure KRS-1 is "accessible" enough for Billy Collins.