Monday, July 12, 2010

La Cucaracha

Conspiracy crackers John Latta and Kent Johnson, pasty basement dwellers, comb through the dangerous language poetry texts, decoding the hidden plans of your most beloved poets. Kent, why go to John Latta with this information? Why not alert the FBI? Everyone, Ron Silliman just may be guilty of... MURDER!

In Ron Silliman's 1,054 page poem The Alphabet, made up mostly of collaged sentences, found and lost language, jumbled musings (sincere and insincere), and other endless (and often exciting) non-lyrical techniques, apparently (on page 348) he once wrote the lines:
if only Eliot Weinberger
had married Carl Andre

How do you say “asshole” in Dutch?
So, I guess Carl Andre threw his wife out the window or something. I'll gladly go on and on about this in the comment section if you ask me to, but for now I know I don't have to explain to anyone who knows what a poem is why we don't quite have enough evidence to send in the SWAT team... yet!

The lines collaged previous to these 3 are:

perch baked in foil
with butter, tomatoes, squash -
and caraway seeds!
Clearly, this is proof that Ron Silliman wants to cook Eliot Weinberger like a fish!

Later, Kent whines about some long forgotten essay in which Silliman, decades ago, called him a "cockroach". Because clearly, this is proof enough of his character to insinuate conspiracy to murder.

Kent Johnson is the Glenn Beck of poetry. Why this guy has any credibility in poetry criticism is one poetry's best kept secrets.

What world is Johnson living in where we're supposed to gasp that Silliman dared call him a cockroach (in some publication read by the tens no doubt), but ignore his own obsessive creepy devotion to "exposing" the dastardly conspiracies of software-engineer-by-day/poet-by-night Ron Silliman?

"i'm not saying Ron Silliman wants to throw Eliot Weinberger out a window, i'm just asking questions"

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Anonymous said...

Apparently they're going through a dry spell in conspiracy world. What a vague phrase to jump on.