Saturday, April 17, 2010

how to dismiss conceptual poetry (or anything else you have no substantial argument against, but are just generally grumpy about)

vaguely suggest that the thing you want to dismiss
is out of touch with some undefinable notion of a "common man"
by suggesting that they're over educated, "elite", or "ivy league".

most importantly, be passive-aggressive, indirect, and evasive.
if you present your points in the form of a blog post
people might think you want to have a discussion
that actually leads somewhere.

better to present your ideas as a vague poemy thing. because, as we all know, poems are for making statements that can't be challenged or defended.

be sure to make statements that seem like harsh accusations,
but make no kind of concrete references,
so as to avoid being challenged by anyone
who was actually present at the event you're criticizing.

give enough substance so that everyone who already agrees with you
will nod in masturbatory agreement, but anyone who might disagree
will be put off by the substanceless fast-food-discourse that is the main output
of anything associated with "slow" poetry.

actually, just accuse whatever you're trying to dismiss of being career seeking.
no one will ever notice that the whole point of such a accusation is to garner attention
while displacing the blame that you yourself deserve for the very same thing.

1 comment:

The Smack Daddy said...

I was interested and paying attention to your post and then I got to a paragraph that talked about masturbating AND fast-food all in one paragraph, and decided that I couldn't possibly focus anymore.

No, not really. Though my eyes did linger on paragraph 5 longer.
I think I'm guilty of every single on of these items.
Cool post, brah. It's awesome you blogged.