Sunday, May 31, 2009

"new" books

Visited John K. King Used and Rare Books the other day in Detroit. It's been a while. As you can see above, it's 4 stories of dark and narrow corridors of books. All the pictures I can find of the inside show it as well-lit, but really (to save money on the electric bill) they tend to keep all the lights off, with signs asking you to turn them on and off in a section as needed.

They didn't really have a great poetry selection this time (the stock changes pretty frequently), but had a lot of poetry and literary publications, and lots of small press stuff. I didn't buy a ton, but plan to go back soon.

Books bought:

Sulfer 19
Catullus, The Complete Poems for American Readers, Reney Myers, Robert J. Ormsby
cmyk, Michael Coffey
Literal Madness, Kathy Acker
Hymns to St. Geryon & Dark Brown, Michael McClure
My Way, Charles Bernstein
Trilogy, Diane Wakoski
Sulfer 24
Granta: The Body

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