Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Communist Things

Here is an awesome list of things that are communist from the America First Party website (a member of which is running for my local city council). My favorite is "sub-woofers". Sub-woofers are communist, and so are handicap bathrooms and being against date rape:


Political Correctness

Affirmative Action

Feminism/Women’s Lib

“Civil Rights”

“Sustainable Living”




Regional Government

National Health Care

Prescription drug benefit for seniors

Mass Transit


Gun control laws

Abolition of capital punishment

PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals)

Separation of Church and State





Food labeling laws




Income tax

Federal Reserve (Centralized Banking system)

National Organization for Women (NOW)

“The women’s liberation movement is a central part of the American socialist revolution

in the making.” Leon Trotsky, 1917

Women using hyphenated names after they get married: Mary Jones – Smith

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Building restrictions on wetlands

Logging laws that prevent the successful operation of the logging industry

Historic districts: you have to get permission to paint your house. (Most historic districts

are entities of local units of government, but they follow standards & regulations

set by the Federal Government’s Dept. of the Interior)

Automobile emission standards

Material Safety Data Sheets

Mandatory wearing of eye goggles when entering a factory


Section 8

Planned Parenthood

Dept. of Energy

Dept. of Education

Dept. of Health and Human Services

Dept. of Homeland Security

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

Office of Economic Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC)

Dept. of Agriculture

Federal Legal Services

LBJ’s “War on Poverty”

Food Stamps

The Clean Water Act

Government – mandated Water Levels in Toilets

The Clean Air Act

“Global warming”

“Ozone depletion”

Government money to research a cure for AIDS

Constant cries of “corporate greed”

The anti-nuclear movement

The pro-solar power movement

Ralph Nader

Seat belt laws

Mandatory air bag installation

No SUV’s

No wrapping for your fast food burger

No plastic

No disposable diapers

No toy guns allowed – “they teach our children to be violent”

Person arrested for killing a rattlesnake that was attacking him and his daughter

Coyotes seen in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor

Wolves being introduced into the wilds out west

Protected species

-Child abuse laws – no spanking allowed. Children are taught in schools that they can call the police if their parents “mistreat” them. A mother tries to correct her daughter’s behavior by telling her she cannot visit with a group of kids that the mother knows to be drug users. The child tells the mother that the mother had better let her go or she will call the police and tell them that the mother is abusing her…

-Sexual harassment laws – no winking

-Domestic violence laws – if the police are called to a house they are required by law to

arrest somebody. In the vast majority of the cases, it’s the man, regardless of

what actually happened

A man was arguing with his wife. He deliberately turned his back to her so as not to hurt her. To release his anger, he threw a lamp against the wall, in the opposite direction from where she was standing. The police were called and he was arrested for domestic violence.

A man argues with his wife. He tries to leave the room. She blocks the doorway. He moves her aside and leaves. Two days later he is arrested for domestic violence.

-The term “date rape”

-Illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin. (We always hear about the Columbian drug lords. But it has been documented that the major illegal drug assault of the 1950’s, and beyond, on this country, originated as a Soviet plan to help bring about their goal of destroying America. The Red Chinese got into the game early as growers and producers. Communist agents from the eastern block European nations did most of the foot work in setting up the elaborate distribution systems needed to assure a steady flow of drugs into this country. Columbia is just one of the places where the drugs are grown. In Peru, the Cuban backed Marxist Tupac Amaru and Shining Path terrorist organizations protected the drug growers from the local law enforcement agencies. The terrorists used the money paid to them by the drug producers to help in their violent revolution against the Peruvian government. You won’t hear about any of this in the mainstream media because they are too busy telling us that the Soviet Union no longer exists and that the Red Chinese are our trading partners. And, after all, our friends the Russians and Red Chinese are helping us fight terrorism!)

-Handicap bathrooms

“No smoking” laws

Warning labels on cigarettes and other items

Law suits against the tobacco industry

Capping aspirin tablet bottles so that neither children nor adults can get into them

The inheritance tax

No caffeine

No Big Macs

No red meat


No manger scenes at Christmas

No prayer in schools

No ten commandments in the courthouse

No pledge of allegiance in school

No Bible teaching in school

Children taught:

--George Washington was a slave owner

--Karl Marx was a great thinker whose meritorious ideas were never really put into practice

The average person under 35 years of age does not know who Douglas MacArthur is

Campaigns against Indian sports logos

“Take back the night” rallies on College Campuses

The emasculation of the American male

Men wearing necklaces

Men wearing earrings

Tattooing is now part of the “lesson plan”, at Corner Co-op Nursery School, in

Brookline, Mass. (Detroit Free Press, 3/19/06)

Teaching grade-school children that homosexuality is normal, just as normal as


With regard to these last two (2) examples, see: Matt. Ch. 18: v. 6; Luke Ch. 17: vs.


Referring to groups of people as hyphenated Americans, such as African – American or

Hispanic – American

National Public Radio (NPR)

Public Television

Mister Rogers

Sesame Street


Hunger coalitions in churches

Churches teaching the social gospel in place of individual redemption

Security checkpoints at Airports

People losing their jobs for making politically incorrect statements

Hate crime laws

Judges that are too soft on criminals

The LA riots

Riots in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Riots outside Buffalo Wild Wings, Pearl St., Ypsilanti, Michigan

Police accused of “Police brutality”

Police being called “Pigs”

Civilian review boards

Police seen as the enemy

Lawsuits brought against individual police officers in situations where they were

following police protocol and they were just doing their job

In general, the attempt to make it difficult, if not impossible, for the police to do their job

Gov’t run or gov’t financed childcare programs

NEA (National Education Association)

“Goals 2000”

“Outcome-Based Education”


The “new math”

Wide spread use of drugs to treat questionable disorders like “Attention deficit disorder”

The Beatles (Domestic & International)

Joan Baez

“Folk music”


Christian rock music

Sub-woofers Sub-woofers Sub-woofers Sub-woofers Sub-woofers Sub-woofers Sub-woofers Sub-woofers S

The acceptance and wide usage of foul and uncouth language

Ponytails on men

The lack of manners

Widespread sexual promiscuity

Premarital sex

Unwed couples living together


Easy divorce

No-Fault divorce

The gay rights movement

Homosexual marriages

Homosexual couples receiving the same job benefits as married heterosexual couples

Homosexual couples adopting children

Rights for cross dressers


Homosexual characters appearing as healthy and normal in TV shows and movies

Employees that cannot write an understandable sentence

Bank tellers making errors that result in $2,000.00 errors on your bank statement.

Patricia Ireland has been hired to become the chief executive officer of the Young

Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). Ireland is the former leader of

the radical feminist group NOW (National Organization for Women) and

according to some reports, she is a lesbian.



Social Security

Mandatory recycling

Rent control

Road signs that use diagrams instead of words

States being required to administer drivers license tests in Spanish, rather than requiring applicant to learn English

Mandatory handicap entrance ramps to privately owned buildings

The failed effort to convert the USA to the use of the Metric measuring system

The gigantic trade deficit that the USA has with Communist China


The closure of military bases in the USA

The fact that the USA has no weapons to defend our mainland against incoming nuclear tipped missiles

Not allowed to use the word niggardly

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Carson Lee said...

Pretty crazy list. (I'd correct one thing -- that list says "self-esteem" started in the 90s; it started in the 80s.) And -- this list reminded me that I heard somewhere (maybe in "No Direction Home" that there was, in the 50s, a list of ways to "spot a communist" and that list included -- "He may play the guitar."